Strategic objectives

The network's objectives look to the market but also to the future, and this is clear in some areas they intend to develop as their first goals:


Promoting the Rubicone footwear district by enhancing its history and innovation


Developing common marketing and digital communication strategies in order to plan a new market approach


Developing an ethical business qualification project


Promoting the company’s ability to offer solutions to technical problems


Developing and implementing circular economy models


Developing a supply chain traceability project

Network Programs

Organisation of technical meetings and in-depth seminars on circular economy, innovation, Made in Italy, and business ethics qualification.

Organisation of festivals and B2B and B2C events and possible participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, markets, and other events at which promotional initiatives are carried out to enhance the production, the image, the activity and the professionalism of the participating enterprises.

Search for common business-related solutions (economies of scale, waste management, purchasing groups).