About us

The network "IO SONO RUBICONE" (I AM RUBICONE) was formally established and it consists of 17 enterprises in the footwear sector

A ‘legal-entity network’ comprising around 650 employees, which represent almost 20% of the district’s entire workforce with the skills needed to tackle all the processes required to make a luxury shoe, developed through a project of CNA Forlì-Cesena (the Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and with the technical support of CERCAL (International Footwear School and Research Centre).

In addition to the location and the ‘know how’ that characterises the industry, all members share a common trait: they are all highly specialised in producing components.

Italian footwear sector

The assembly of companies elected the Management Committee composed of: Paolo Raggini of Puntoart (President), Mauro Giovagnoli of Giovagnoli (Vice-President), Gessica Lombardi of Bianco Accessori, Andrea Della Rocca of Giglioli Production, Sara Zanzani of Tacchificio Zanzani, Marco Lucchi of CNA Forlì-Cesena and Serena Musolesi of CERCAL.

We have perfectioned the formal act of incorporation," emphasised the newly elected president Paolo Raggini of Puntoart, "aware that we have laid the foundations of a project that probably has no equals on the national territory, setting up a collaboration between companies that bet on the future, through the territory and innovation.